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List of B.C. National Parks & Provincial Parks I want to visit & climb a Mountain in (or have)

Nobody knows why I started this project, and certainly no one will be impressed by it. 
However, I will get to see many parts of B.C. and see a lot of different landscapes. So I'm sticking to it, despite the obvious waste of gas and time...

It might have started when I got the 'where the locals hike in the west koontenays' book. Whenever it began, by now it is certainly lodged in my head. From experience I know it will stay there several years at least.

Are arbitrary rules to keep this from becoming unmanageable.

Parks must be on mainland, in the 'south' (the idea of south being more strict as you head farther west) and be 'large' enough to count. They must be a park with a mountain in it... obviously. 

Mountains must be fully within borders. Not with the summit on the border of the park. Although this rule I am beginning to shun. It will both make some parks unqualified, as all their mountains are on the border... oddly. As well as making some unmanageable, as most of the peaks are on the border, only leaving the very hard or ridiculously small. Perhaps it should simply be a recommendation, not a rule?

Parks are listed north to south (roughly) by type & then region for provincial.

National Parks:
 Yoho National Park 
Ascended Mount Field (July 19, 2012)

 Mount Revelstoke National Park
Ascended "Mount" Revelstoke (August 8, 2014)
That should hardly count though, so what should I ascend as a real peak?

 Glacier National Park
Ascended Mount Abbot and Mount Afton (August 9, 2014)

 Kootenay National Park
Ascended Numa Mountain (September 21, 2014)

Provincial Parks (Rockies):
- Mount Robson Provincial Park
While I would like to say Mt. Robson or at least Resplendant Mountain, that seems ambitious so I'm going with the Mountain Vern ascended - > nevermind they are on the border.

- Hamber Provincial Park
Until they rebuild the bridge over the Athabasca River, is it even fair to add this park in? It is now very inaccessible. But then, so is St. Mary's, and people have forded the river. Ok so then, what to do?

- Cummins Lakes Provincial Park
Doesn't look like there is a named mountain fully within this park. How do you even get here except by boat? Who decided on this stupid project anyway??

 Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Ascended Nub Peak (August 16, 2011)

- Height of the Rockies Provincial Park
On the way into Limestone Lakes (which sounds like a great backpack) you can ascend Sylvan Peak (2540m) very easily. However it would be nice to do something higher. 

- Elk Lakes Provincial Park
Not sure yet....

- Top of the World Provincial Park
There seems to be only one officially named mountain fully within the park -> Mount Morro (2345m). However according to the Southern Rockies Trail Guide there is also a Sugarloaf Mountain which is obviously a lot easier. 

 Akamina-Kishinena Park
Ascended Akamina Ridge & Forum Peak (June 20, 2015)

Provincial Parks (East Kootenays):
 Bugaboo Provincial Park
Ascended Eastpost Spire (August 11, 2012)

- Purcell Wilderness Conservancy Provincial Park
Earl Grey Pass Backpacking Trip (4-5 days) and ascend Slate Peak (2695m) along the way.

- St. Mary's Alpine Provincial Park
It is very remote and hard to get to, but still it just makes me want to go there and ascend....
Nowitka Mountain (2935m) & Mount St. Mary (2897m) which are both on the northern border.... to get one fully in the park Bleak Hub (2650m) which doesn't look like a mountain at all but might have good views. Don't know if you can ascend it. Or Totem Peak (2524m) which looks from one guys pictures like it is pretty easy. Only a few small rockbands to get around.

Provincial Parks (West Kootenays):
 Monashee Provincial Park
Ascended Mount Fosthall (August 20, 2016)

- Goat Range Provincial Park
I would say Mount Brennan but it's on the border. Not sure what is doable that is fully within the park, but neither have I looked yet.
 Mount Brennan (July 20, 2018)

 Valhalla Provincial Park
Ascended Lucifer Peak (August 15, 2017)

 Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park 
Ascended Sunrise Mountain (August 3, 2015)

- West Arm Provincial Park
Mount Lasca (2386m) which can be skied in the winter.

- Kianuko Provincial Park
I would say Haystack Mountain (2683m) but it's on the border. I'm starting to hate that rule. Maybe I should give it up?

- Gladstone Provincial Park
Mount Gladstone (2256m) which is "easily ascended from any direction" and looks like a good spring hike (June).

Provincial Parks (Thompson Okanagan):
- Wells Gray Provincial Park
The easiest seems to be Trophy Mountain (2575m). But there is a great backpack in there somewhere (forget what) and maybe a better mountain to ascend on that.

- Upper Seymour River Provincial Park
Nothing fully within its borders.... again.

- Dunn Peak Protected Area Provincial Park
Again the one its named after... Dunn Peak (2636m). Which is only class 3?

- Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area Provincial Park
The summit of the only named mountain; Mount Wheeler (1221m), does not reach above treeline and therefore is not a real mountain. Maybe I can skip this park?

- Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park
Obviously I have to hike up Okanagan Mountain (1571m). Should be very easy.

- Granby Provincial Park
There doesn't seem to be anything not on the border worth mentioning. Mount Tanner (2419m), which is on the border, is very easy and the highest peak 'in' the park.

- Brent Mountain Protected Area Provincial Park
Brent Mountain (2198m); for which the park is named, is not even in the park, its on the border. Maybe I'll do these ones last if I have time.

- South Okanagan Grasslands Protected Area Provincial Park
I think the road goes straight to the top of Mount Kobau (1871m). Then there are hiking trails leading away from it. This park shouldn't count, I only mention it here because technically it does have a mountain in it.

- Snowy Protected Area Provincial Park
Snowy Mountain (2589m) is the obvious choice. An easy hike.

- Cathedral Provincial Park
3-5 day trip around the park and to ascend Grimface Mountain (2635m). It's granite!!

- E.C. Manning Provincial Park
Frosty Mountain (2426m) seems to be the highest while still being an easy ascent.

- Skagit Valley Provincial Park
Mount Andrews (2016m) seems like a good choice?

Provincial Parks (Coast/Vancouver Area):
- Upper Lillooet Provincial Park

- Clendinning Provincial Park

- Callaghan Lake Provincial Park

- Stein Valley Heritage Provincial Park
Stein Valley Traverse Trip (~10 days) and some mountain easily accessible along the way, which is?

- Mehatl Creek Provincial Park

- Garibaldi Provincial Park

Panorama Ridge (2133m) & Mount Price (2052m) &  The Black Tusk (2319m).

- Tantalus Provincial Park

- Pinecone Burke Provincial Park

- Golden Ears Provincial Park

- Indian Arm Provincial Park

- Mount Seymour Provincial Park

- Tetrahedron Provincial Park

- Cypress Provincial Park

- Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area Provincial Park
Needle Peak (2090m) looks like fun. I wanted to climb this on the way back from the NCT but the weather didn't cooperate.

- Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park
Mount Webb (2163m) and while I'm there I might as well do Macdonald Peak (2247m).

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